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Jméno domečku: Quack quack's house
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Jméno domečku: Chicken house
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Jméno domečku: Lovely house
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Jméno domečku: Hamster house
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Jméno domečku: Antik house
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Jméno domečku: Paradise
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Jméno domečku: Family house
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Jméno domečku: Sweet home
Jméno domečku: Toadstool House
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1 Nicole* Nicole* | Web | 18. listopadu 2010 v 19:54 | Reagovat

jéé :D

2 SaRiQ SaRiQ | Web | 18. listopadu 2010 v 19:57 | Reagovat

chtěla bych 7.

3 <3Luneticka Ajík<3 <3Luneticka Ajík<3 | E-mail | Web | 25. listopadu 2010 v 16:46 | Reagovat

chtěla bych 4:)

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From now on, she wants to forget that it hurts, forget those people and things that she does not deserve to be remember, work hard, hold up the house.  She swore, after she would not let the parents and son were a wee bit of damage, she wants to use her life to be good stewards of their.  "Mom and Dad, you wait here for me, I'm going to get checked baggage." Wiped his eyes tears Fu Lan smoke stepped forward, ready to Zhelin him down from his father's legs, good Zhelin Come down, do not crimp my grandfather's legs. "  "Nothing, he not heavy." Wave fend off her daughter's hand outstretched, the Fuqi Sheng bent on hold grandson.  Snatched daughter satchel in hand, Fu Qisheng front of his two legs unconscious sighed, then said to his wife, Epworth, along with smoke children pick up luggage, I Zhelin here waiting for you . "  "Good." He Aihua nodded, took her daughter is ready to help her pick up the luggage.  Stepped forward to grasp his mother, Fu Lan smoke laughed shaking his head, "No, Mom, you and Dad with them here waiting for me on the line I have a box, not multiple I wring move. Touches dad, his bad legs plus the Zhelin and naughty, you stay here I will be more comfortable. "<br/> When she opened the door, and is ready to find pajamas when behind suddenly came the son childlike voice, gentle tone sounds like talking in your sleep, only son shout out that title, roused her a cold sweat, because the son he ...... he should in call my dad!  "Dad ..." accompanied by the cry of 'father' in bed, sleeping Zhelin rolled over like a dream of what things make him happy, little guy mouth smile of hand clinging to one of the next only empty pillow, also continued to arms to hug and then get hold of pretty little face and even spoiled like to rub the pillow on the face of children, "Daddy, hug ..."  The weakness of turned, the son sleeping move and raving the whole thing, listen to the ears of, Fu Lan smoke Stunned, pale cheeks has long been tears soaked blurred.  God, she's the Zhelin turned dreamed a father.  , She deliberately avoided the subject, thought her pain good son, give him double the love on the line.  But she never dreamed that his son could even fatherly love is so eager to.  Little he did not did not ask her father, who is, after all the other children have a father, you he did not, his curiosity so heavy, could not have asked.<br/> "How the children smoke?" He Aihua walked up and patted her daughter's shoulder, follow her sight to look in the past, but it is nothing to see, in addition to people coming and going. "Nothing." Hide fundus Nama lost, Fu Lan smoke Unfortunately recover the sight. "Come on, Mom." Shook his head and smiled, Lan Fu smoke rolled up his mother's arms, pushing a luggage cart to go and look for her father and son. Just did not walk a few steps, taking        advantage of the mothers do not pay attention to the moment, she could not help but look back and went, just disappeared in the direction of the man looked at. Turn around and her face musters a hint of returning to laugh. It seems that the mother and sisters Linxia right, this world is not all men are like Jing Chen then Need. Like just the man, he was very gentlemanly.Take into account that she had just over tiring, plus the return to the mainland after RBI basic necessities of life, so Thunder Group domestic headquarters stated that invitations to the smoke of Fu Lan let her rest for a week to go report.  This Sunday, Fu Lan smoke, can be described as flies very busy, it is also extremely enriching.  Her son Zhelin selection and implementation of the kindergarten, but also with the parents to check the body.  Father's two stroke sequelae has been plagued by leg, her heart broken heart. <br/>

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